First Visit


First Visit?

Welcome to the Valley Presbyterian Church. You may have gone to church all your life, stopped when you were young or never gone at all. At Valley Presbyterian it does not matter. Everyone is welcome to find out the difference Jesus makes to life. We meet every Sunday morning at 10 am at the Plenty Valley Christian College on Yan Yean Rd, Doreen.  Here are some things which may help you understand a bit about us.

We are new too!

Valley Presbyterian Church is a new church for a new suburb. We kicked off our Sunday meetings in May 2011 at the Plenty Valley Christian College in Doreen.  Valley is a church for people who love Jesus or would like to investigate who he is and what it might look like to follow him.  It is a contemporary church in style and feel. It is a church set up to serve the many new families that are moving to Mernda and Doreen in North-East Melbourne.

What happens?

At Valley Presbyterian we want to honour God in all we do. At 10 am our band leads off with some contemporary music. We have a brief break while the kids go off to ‘Valley Kids’ our kids church programs. (NB, If you have preschool age kids, we ask that you pack some snacks for your kids to enjoy as they start by eating together). Back in the service, we pray and read the Bible then hear a talk about how Jesus makes a difference to life.  Sometimes we share the Lords Supper together but we always have morning tea afterwards.

Whether you are looking for a new church family or simply exploring the relevance of Jesus, we’d love to meet you!


There is plenty of parking at the school. Just look for the sign at the Plenty Valley Christian College at 840 Yan Yean Rd, Doreen, and follow the signs through to the closest parking area.