At Valley Presbyterian Church we think life is all about Jesus, including how we use our money.  We think people should not feel pressured or forced to support a church financially.

We encourage people to give as an outworking of the good news about Jesus. We see from 2 Corinthians 8 for example, that Jesus, though He was Himself rich, became poor that we might become rich. This is not a promise of financial wealth but a promise of richness of relationship with God through Jesus’ death for our sins. The good news is God is generous to us in giving us His own son, Jesus. As a result, we want to share this good news and be generous to others.

At Valley Presbyterian this means giving to support the work of the church, its leaders and the community. The most helpful way our members can share in covering these costs is by giving regularly.

If you would like to give to the ministry of Valley Presbyterian, we would appreciate your support. You can arrange a direct transfer from your bank account to the Valley Presbyterian bank account:

Bank:  Bendigo Bank
Account name: Valley Presbyterian Church
BSB number:  633 000
Account number:  179 814 991